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20 Day Trading Rules to Live By

TA 101: Use rules when your day trading to build long term wealth

Crypto Crash Epic fail!
Rules help you Trade Confidently

Thanks for taking the time to read today's blog post where we look at rules that are going to vastly improve your day trading and investing game. Let's kick your game up a notch and dive in!

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A lot of people download the RobinHood, Coinbase or WeBull Applications from their app stores and just start trading. Fortunately these applications have made it accessible for millions of people to trade, unfortunately these applications have also 'Gamified' trading that results in poor decision making on the users behalf and they start trading like Mr. Magoo below blind to the fact that trading and investing takes prior knowledge to get into to make smart decisions.

Believe me, I have been there, like any new trader on Wall Street will tell you 'pay tuition' to the market and you can blow up your account quickly. So instead of gambling I have created a list of day trading rules to live by to up your game and start winning.

Day Trading & Investing Rules

  1. Pick good risk & return entries (use Fibonacci to help!),

  2. Always have a stop!

  3. Short high, cover lower.

  4. Buy high, sell higher.

  5. Don’t trade on emotions!

  6. Be up and ready for the market.

  7. Use a broker that has low cost fees.

  8. Sell majority of asset when it meets your long or short term objective and move up your stop loss.

  9. Congratulate others on a good trade (positive reinforcement).

  10. Plan a strategy for each trade (WAIT for Entry and Plan your Exit).

  11. Get out of losses as early as you can, you can always get back in!

  12. Look to sell gains above 10-15% quickly if not in for long term or chart is indicating a top (based of the chart pattern),

  13. Utilize reversal opportunities in the market (use the news).

  14. Utilize Technical Analysis,

  15. Set gains aside, Don’t be Greedy!

  16. If someone recommends you to buy or sell a stock, like anything in life, ask why? What’s the reason, what’s the conviction?

  17. News events can be helpful to understanding a trade, however price will always dictate future movements.

  18. Execution is all that matters.

  19. Ignore the noise and focus on yourself.

  20. Let winners ride!

PRINT these out and keep them by your side everyday if your trading. You will start to realize not only are these beneficial to trading ,your personality will change with it and your decision making will be more consistent and you'll achieve your goals faster!

Trade Confidently,

Miguel Ferreira (@wizdaytrader)


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