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ATH, BONK, LFG -> it's Crypto!

NEW All Time Highs in Bitcoin!

Event Goer taking the 'The Hold Challenge at ETH Toronto'
Crypto hodlers this Year Hodling Tough!

It's a NEW YEAR and and we got a lot to cover after a super productive 2023. Let's keep it rolling. Enjoy!

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Happy March! Crypto has had a stellar 2023 with events in ETH Toronto, ETH Denver, and #Bitcoin Atlantis in Maderia, Portugal!

Crypto is truly global and we are just ecstatic the response and all that we have advocated for and pushed for this year! Crypto regulation is making it's way through several states and we hope that to make that a dream in NYC, especially as they banned Crypto mining in NY which could be a boon to the economy. We also believe, that despite the failure of several banks last year Crypto had a huge impact on the tech economy creating new jobs, especially the SEC passing ALL Crypto ETFs! Just an amazing response from the community AND we SOLD OUT of all our Bitcoin C.R.EA.M. hoodies!

Some stats ( based off of October 2022 Lows to date):

  • $BTC +356% ROI

  • $QQQ +76.5% ROI

  • $SPY +48.87% ROI

  • $IWM +29.5% ROI

  • $RSP +32.5% ROI

  • $GLD +35% ROI

It's clear from these stats that if you want to outperform the market Crypto you need to be in Bitcoin and we have been touting the best performing ETF that earned a staggering +690% during that timeframe. We've even captured the local low in Bitcoin on January 23rd, this is how professional traders and institutions capture real value!

Have you missed out!??

Don't, fret!

Reach out and learn how to take advantage today!

Here's a take a look at some really cool in real life events that we did:

SBF Drawing in the Courtroom
BlockChain Futurist Conference ETH Toronto Mainstage hosted by Coinbase

These in real life (IRL) events provide great networking, excellent education, a

break from the screens and opportunity for some fun playing pool, ping pong or just grabbing a cold drink to break bread with new acquaintances. We're thankful for these opportunities to get know more of the community and are looking forward to all of them in 2024! Please be sure to join us!

We have even bought our own NFT supporting the Skull Holders representing our ability to shred the markets! We certainly did last year and want you to come CRUSH it with us this year! The Ethereum Market has nearly tripled since we got interested in Ethereum at $1,000. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and these are just a few.

Skull Hunters NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain
Skull Hunters NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain

We hope you enjoyed this update on Crypto, we look forward to explosive year with more events. We appreciate everyone that takes the time to read our blog posts, enjoy your week and trade confidently!


Essex Trading Quote of the Day (#EsxQotD)

"Celebrate your good intention and milestones, never take anything you do purposefully lightly."

Beautiful quote from Mr. Star City

~ Mr. Star City



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