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Saturday Cartoons

Your Saturday Market Wrap Up

SBF is sent to Jail
SBF is sent to Jail

We decided to have some fun and look at some of the dopest memes and stories we may have missed this week on the blog and twitter feed. Enjoy!

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First off, Happy 50 Years of Hip Hop to all that celebrate! Essex Trading dropped our first beats with and ode to the decentralzied and Web3 movement.

SBF goes to Jail

SBF Drawing in the Courtroom
SBF Drawing in the Courtroom

The big news that blew up the internet yesterday was that Sam Bankman Fried was jailed on the grounds that he has 'tampered with evidence and was harassing witnesses' and will remain so until his trial until October. An interesting turn of the events and a suggestion that no one is above the law. Will this signal things to come for Trump?

CPI Data Came out Thursday and Twitter Memes didn't Disappoint

Our Sunday morning cartoon comes from Mads Capital and pokes fun at traders who are constantly waiting for CPI numbers out from the market, if they are as meaningful as market correspondents make them out to be and if the CPI actually captures all the data. There are lot of great lesson in here capturing that a lot of money can be lost trading weekly and 0DTE options.


The fight between two Corporate heavyweights, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has had no shortage of etnertainment and it looks like the details of the event have been worked out as an ode to Ancient Rome, all proceed sto go to veterans and ancient hospitals in Italy. Molto bellisiimo!

Some fun images and videos have appeared, have a gander and be entertained:

Zuck vs Musk fight Stats
Zuck vs Musk fight Stats

greg16676935420 Referring the fight
greg16676935420 Referring the fight

We hope you enjoyed this break from the markets and having a little fun. We appreciate everyone that takes the time to read our blog posts, enjoy your weekend.

~ Essex Trading


Essex Trading Quote of the Day (#EsxQotD)

"Don't take life too seriously. After all none of us are getting out alive."

~ Jill Shalvis


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