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One word: $DOGE


Today, Essex Trading Apparel is strictly going to accept $DOGE as it's only Cryptocurrency. Having a passion for sustainability (our apparel is eco friendly and leaves a lower footprint on the environment, plus no sweatshops!) we want to reduce our footprint and leave the world better than when we found it.

In recent news events a private-equity firm has revived a fossil-fuel power plant to mine bitcoin. As an industry and citizen we need to be moving away from the adoption of fossil fuels to power our economy. Its firms like Greenidge on Wall Street that give the rest of us band name when we are trying to move the financial sector in the right direction.

So, for now, we are going only to accept Dogecoin, we have removed the Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets from our site. In addition, this reduces transaction fees too. We are looking at other alternatives and haven't yet found a solid solution. When we do, we'll let you know.

Hope you will join us in creating a great awareness around $DOGE and what in can mean for the greater Crypto community. Thanks for your support and be sure to show your appreciation by buying our shirts with $DOGE!

~ Trade Confidently,

CEO & Founder - Miguel Anthony Ferreira



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